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experiential summer lab at kanakapura

Experiential Summer Lab for Children at Rolling Hills, Kanakapura

Live on a farm
Learn about renewable energy

Rolling hills farm near kanakapura, located 45 kms from bangalore in kanakpura taluk rolling hills farm in kanakapura outside bangalore has been conceived and designed by an environmental engineer passionate about eco-friendly and sustainable technologies.
Set against a range of rocky hillocks, the farm has a petting zoo for kids and wide open spaces to play games and dabble in adventure activities. Build using eco friendly and sustainable material the main house is the centre of farm, with the adjoining hills offering trails for hikes and streams to splash around in.

Learning Objectives:

   • Outdoor skills: trekking, camping out, rapeling and rock climbing
   • Alternate energy: renewable energy sources - wind, water, sun
   • Water harvesting: basics of water conservation through harvesting and drainage
   • Sericulture: growing silk worms and producing silk
   • Organic farming: with visit to nearby organic farm
   * Understanding local panchayat systems: interactions with panchayati heads

Program Activities

  • Alternate energy sources: the farm is powered by a combination of wind and solar energy; the specialist takes sessions on how energy production is directly linked to global warming and climate change, current breakthroughs in energy generation.

  • Visit to an organic farm to understand the effects of chemical pesticides on soil and how pesticides can be home-made and softer on the environment as well as increase yields and be soil-friendly.

  • Interaction with panchayat head, Mr, Madan Par, to understand the concept of local governments at the village level.

  • Sericulture: understand the concept of silk farming and mulberry trees.

  • Water harvesting:  Madan Rai, the locally elected representative will take the learners to a nearby artificially created lake to show how the villagers got together and built it in order to save rain water and make it a source of regeneration to the environment around.

  • Fun activities and Adventure thrills: feeding the farm animals, bullock cart ride, water play, trekking, rock climbing, jummering and rappelling

  • Ripples in the pond’: a journey of reflection and insight


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  •    1 Night Accommodation at Farm
  •    All meals for both days
  •    Transportation, mini vans
  •    Specialists in Sericulture, Renewable Energy and Adventure
  •    Local support
  •    All game drives and visits as indicated on the itinerary
  •    An INEXEL experientialist accompanying the group
         (1 for a group of 8 children)

Program Details


2 days


Joe Pinto's farm at Rolling Hills, Kanakapura, 45km off Bangalore


Contact us to schedule it for your group!


Participants will receive a Certificate from Institute of Experiential Learning and a Redeemable Voucher for future Experiential Learning Programs.

Age Group and Group Size:

8-14 years
Max. 20 per batch



Write to us at or call Kokila at +91 9164643633 or Aswin at +91 9538003825 to register and for more information


Sponsor an Underprevileged Child

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Program Availability on a first-come-first-served basis

Program subject to a min. group size of 15